Help! What do I wear to this show?

okay so I'm going to an underground punk show at a small venue and the people I'm going with are guys and they're really 'punk' looking. (denim jackets with studs and patches, mohawks, etc) I am kind of indie looking. I usually wear cardigans and converse and I have long brown hair (I can curl, wave, or straighten it) with side bangs. I have been to many concerts before but I'm at a loss for what to wear, how to do my hair, and how to do my makeup for this one. Detailed answers are appreciated (:


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  • I love these questions for some strange reason.

    Although, is agree with thissitesucks, I have to say, its always a bit fun to dress up differently once in a while.

    Punk, always has to do with dark makeup, but it doesn't have to be. You can counter the look to have a bit of brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and a lot of mascara. With a light ink or nude lip, and a peach blush.

    Clothing wise, definitely a leather jacket like this: link

    a shirt like this: link

    pants like this: link

    and as for shoes: converse, my favorites, hands down..

    Hope I helped :D any other questions.. feel free to contact. :D


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  • I say Go Tactical, get in get out nobody gets hurt,

    If you are captured the organisation will denie all association,

    But really, just wear jeans (black or blue)

    Your converses are fine, any dark coloured t shirt, and Jacket if you have one,

    Long hair isn't really punk, just tie back with an elastic band, but no bright colours, (extra points for a big crude industrial one)


  • Dress how you want to dress. I'm a metalhead, but you would never know. I just don't think music is a fashion. Music is just music

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  • I guess you can pretend to be doing Halloween and go all out with the punk look

    If I was going I would probably wear my normal average clothes


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