Guys, your opinion on Maxi Skirts?

I love maxi skirts, but I've always wondered what guys thought about them - since they are really long and really loose. So basically just the title, what is your opinion when your crush/SO wears maxi skirts.
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  • You should probably post pictures I don't think most guys know what Maxi skirts are. My boyfriend likes the ones that you can see my butt shape in and ones that have cuts in them like these: link link but he doesn't care for the over the top ones like these link link

    • I know what they are. I like them but don't prefer them

    • Just a quick question if you don't mind.

      Would you be willing to wear certain things that your boyfriend likes if it's not already the kind of thing you usually wear? I'm not talking about lingerie or anything sexual btw.

    • Depends on what it is.. and how far out of my usual domain it is. Funny t-shirts? Yes. Mini-skirts? No.. it would really depend on the item in question

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  • i love maxi skirt too but hard to find a suitable one for me because of my height

  • Theyre ok.

  • They are alright.


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