Why would he be happy with me in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt?

My boyfriend has always loved when I dress up nicely, or at least I thought he did but recently he told me he absolutely loves it when I am dressed in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt. This kind of outfit is reserved for laundry day, or just lying around the house kind of wear. I bumped into him a couple weeks ago when I went out to the grocery store to grab some laundry soap. I was wearing the sweat pants and baggy t-shirt grub and he loved it. I don't get it. He told me I should start wearing it more often. Does that mean he doesn't like my figure?

He told me it's the reason he started liking me when we first met, but I don't get that. I was wearing sweat pants and a baggy sweater at a friends house for a sleep over. Why would he prefer a girlfriend who wears grub? I told him I still want to wear nice clothing and he said he likes it when I wear that too, but it's a turn on when I also wear sweat pants.



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  • Who you are when you're comfortable, laid back, and just don't give a crap isn't who you are when you're dressed up. It's a reminder to him that you're comfortable around him, that you trust him, and that you're his.

    • Yeah but it was actually a turn on to him.

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  • he likes it when you look natural. getting dressed up is fun but it looks fake if that's yourre regular wear. its as if you're a doll not a person. he probably likes seeing who you really are under there. when I'm attracted to someone I always find them most attractive when they are dressed down. not up. because its real.