Is there any way to grow taller?

I'm 16 and currently about 5"2, and I want to be taller. I'd love to be 5"7 or 5"8, but that's not going to happen because both my parents are very short. (My mom is 5"2 and my dad is 5"7.)

So my question is, what are my chances of becoming 5"5/ 5"6?

it's only three-ish centimeters, but is it possible? I'll never pass as a dude at this annoyingly 'cute' height.

Any tips on how I'd manage this would be great. It would be extra appreciated if someone gave tips that have worked for them in the past.



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  • tell one of your strong uncles or dad to grab you by the hands.

    Then tell one of your other strong uncles or mother to grab you by your legs.

    Tell them to hold you out into the air and pull you like tug of war.

    You'll be taller in no time!


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  • 1.

    At 16, you haven't finished growing


    My wife isn't even 5ft. (no dwarf) :D . I love her since the month we met. If she was shorter or taller I'd love her as much.


    I don't think there's a way to grow more than what's in your genes.

    Some drugs are sold on prescription but bad side effects have been reported:

    #-nerve, muscle, or joint pain

    #-swelling due to fluid in the body's tissues (edema)

    #-carpal tunnel syndrome

    #-numbness and tingling of the skin

    #-high cholesterol levels

    #-increased risk of diabetes and growth of cancerous tumors.

    #-depression, fatigue, tension, and anxiety.

    #-In 1985, unusual cases of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease were found in individuals who used them.

    By the way, Girls Askguys cannot guarantee the accuracy of answers, opinions and advice submitted by members. Use common sense when following or avoiding any content on GirlsAskguys. On medical and health issues, consult a doctor.

  • No

  • Unless you've yet to hit another growth spurt, you are likely going to stay that height or maybe only a little taller. There's no way to fight genetics like that without taking extensive measures. I did see a television special of someone who wanted to be a flight attendant and they had a height requirement, so they put special braces on her legs, and broke them in specific points and as they started to mend, they'd stretch so they would continue to mend eventually making her legs longer. I would not do that, and you might have difficulty finding a surgeon willing to do it as well because it seems rather uncommon and not very good for your body.

    Never fear, though. The "cute" height doesn't matter because some guys may put limits on the height of a girl they will date, but honestly it doesn't matter for a girl being short. My girlfriend is only 5' tall, and as far as I know she's never had any problems attracting men. You're only 16, you have a long time to be attracting men.

    • attracting men isn't my goal here

    • Oh, I was reading too fast and didn't notice you said pass as a dude right. I read it more as get passes from dudes. My bad. Why are you wanting to pass as a dude? Transgender, or just simply want to for one reason or another?

    • Indeed, why are you wanting to pass as a dude?

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  • Girls generally finish growing at around 19 years of age. At 16 years old I was about 5'9 and now as a full grown adult I stand at 5'11 so really you will probably only grow another couple inches. It's just genetics and you just deal with what you are given. Personally I would love to be a few inches shorter than what I am but there's nothing I can do about it lol

    • We could wash you with very warm water and then put you in a dryer for one hour. That will shrink cotton and wool. LOL

  • You have finished growing.

    The only way to increase your height and appear taller is to wear heels or

    sneaker wedge heels (which are rather comfortable).

  • Yeah, you're likely done growing. That's not to say you won't grow another inch, but it's highly unlikely

    Hey, but that's the beauty of heels :p

    • Oh god, heels aren't really my thing :p

    • Same here. But I like being 5'2 1/2. It has it's perks. Guys like the height and I come across as 'cute' so I get what I want pretty much

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