Why are men stigmatized for being unattractive to women?

Oftentimes feminists complain about so called " slut shaming . 'But there is the other side to this story - while women are criticized for their sexual exploits , men are being put down for lack of them, Women call them names like a " looser " or a " virgin " used as an insult. I think it's unfair because being unable to attract women in western democratic countries boils down to lacking in looks department. So if you fail with women due to low physical attractiveness it's not your fault and you should not be blamed for something that was ultimately beyond your control. What do you guys think ?

ps, I was inspired to ask this question by reading responses to a different question about American men seeking women abroad .And some women called them with contempt as " undesirables " .i think people need more empathy to understand that some people ( men) have been given raw deal with their shi...y genetics and they just try to make the best of bad situation . if you don't hold all the cards you are left with what they deal you .
Why are men stigmatized for being unattractive to women?
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