Powder foundation vs. pressed powder, Rimmel StayMatte?

Okay, so I bought StayMatte powder from Rimmel, and tried it, I'm not happy with the coverage as compared to my other powder foundation. Then I noticed that It says "long lasting predded powder" on the front, not "powder foundation". It has a good coverage, but not as much as I'd like. Is this a light coverage foundation or just finishing powder? Thanks :)


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  • Actually rimmel stay matte is more of a finishing powder and it's not meant to be a powder foundation so it's not gonna have much coverage :).

    On the topic I have some great drugstore powder foundation recommendation

    Physicians Formula - Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Pressed Powder - is really nice coverage also from Milani the multitasker is amazing it's really pigmented or you could also use it lightly as a finishing powder hence the name :)


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  • bare minerals powder. it looks like ure not wearing any makeup, full coverage, and minimal acne breakouts.


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