What do you think of the babyliss miracurl ?

have you ever tried it ? if so, do you recommend it ? link


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  • I did try it. I have long, thick hair and it just isn't practical for it. I have to take such thin parts which just takes forever. The length also makes it get tangled inside (though there is an automatic release function).

    • how long is your hair? is it harder than with a curling iron? it takes me like an hour and I always burn myself.

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    • thanks, by the way did you buy it? how much does it cost in your area?

    • I didn't, but it was $160 I think

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  • ooooo that's cool, according to this girl it seems to work? https://www.YouTube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Uh-tBB57Iq0

  • I 'won' a YouTube contest a while back and the prize was a Babyliss curler. I don't know what it is about the curler but I really like it and my roommate likes it. It's not that curler but it left a good impression of me

    I have curly hair and when I straighten my hair and then curl it manually it never holds. But with the Babyliss it does.

    And my roommate is Chinese American am with short hair (woman cut it too short) and it holds her curls. She uses it when she has ballet performances.

    Neither of us use hair spray cause it weighs our hair down.

    I'm thinking if you know how to use that took and know whether your hair has good hold then it could go either way.

    Based on some reviews I'm reading people say it's better for mid length hair. So if you have waist length I can't imagine how well it'd work

  • No, my hair naturally looks like that. What I wouldn't give for sleek, straight hair.


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