How to identify a classy lady?

Maybe everyone's idea/definition of classy differs somewhat. So in your personal opinion, how do you identify a classy lady? What kind of traits and/or behaviours do classy ladies possess?


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  • In my opinion, a classy lady thinks with her brain and thinks logically. She knows what she wants. She's direct with people in the most respectful way and doesn't play games. She doesn't go out of her way to make people notice her and she doesn't need to gain people's approval based off her actions or looks. Basically a woman who knows who she is and takes responsibility for her actions.

    Lately I've been trying to be like this especially with someone I recently dated. I didn't want it to progress really fast until I knew what I wanted. We went slow and I didn't do anything I knew I would regret or something that would leave him attached if I saw that there was no spark between us. It ended up happening that I didn't feel anything towards him so I directly told him after my third date with him. Despite him being caught off guard, he was extremely thankful for my honesty. I didn't beat around the bush or try to avoid the conversation because that just leaves people confused and frustrated. Now, he still wants to be friends with me. I figured with every relationship I have, it should never leave on a bad note. There's a way to handle every situation with class and integrity and some people are just too immature or scared to deal with it.

  • You can't really identify a classy person.

    People can put forth what they want to show you

    and fool you into thinking they are someone they are not.

    This is why they have something called "first impressions".

    It is someones perception of how they think someone is.

    Just because a person appears to be something/someone doesn't

    mean that they are.

    You are only able to find out someones true character in due time.

    Sure, someone may carry themselves as a classy individual but that doesn't

    always mean, what they put off is accurate.

    I can tell what stereotypically classy women look like

    -Someone that dresses nice (wears formfitting clothing but enough to leave the imagination running wild).

    -Someone who rarely ever curses.

    -Someone who seems as if they can control their behavior (doesn't drink excessively,

    doesn't engage in wild sexual behavior etc).

    -Someone who seems friendly and polite.


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