Dating a taller girl/ Dating a shorter guy?

I posted this before, but it was kind of just an open ended question with no real reasoning behind the answers.

The girl I have a crush on is like 2 inches taller than me. For whatever reason, I find that girls my height (5'9+) are very attractive, even if some of my friends call her "Plain", the height makes up for it.

So guys - Would you date a girl taller than you?

Girls - Would you date a guy shorter?

What are your reasons?

And to the girls who are shorter, this may not apply.
Also, I've asked girls before - What if he looked like a film star and had a great personality?

Still no. So, there has to be a strong reason behind it !


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  • I'm actually dating a guy about 2 inches shorter than me right now. Before I started getting to know him I would only consider or see 'potential' in guys who were taller than me. However, considering I'm 5'10", that alone really decreased the amount of guys to choose from

    Also, the one I'm dating right now is honestly the nicest, sweetest and thoughtful guy I've ever met. When it comes down to it, I'd way rather be with someone who is compatible with myself mentally, though a little shorter rather than another asshole who is taller than me.

    As for the reason why most people find it ideal that the man is taller, that's probably a combination of a taller guy supposedly being able to provide more protection with the girl. That's also just the way it has been in society for centuries, so I wouldn't be surprised if a couple in which the girl is considerably taller than the guy will get plenty of strange looks.


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  • I'd date a girl taller than me.. She'd have to be damn tall to be over my 6'5" though... I've only met one girl taller than me that was a total beauty. I was in Washington D.C. with some friends and I would have totally dated her... She was quite a knockout.

  • Hell ya I would date a girl taller than me! I fucking love tall girls! They’re so hot!


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