Anyone else get suspicious behind the interest of a very good looking person?

I have a younger, popular, insanely good looking guy showing interest and I can't help but question his motives. I get the feeling that the interest could stem from him just wanting to bed someone unusual or a challenge. I'm certainly different from a lot of other girls, I'm on the short side, a writer, I dress modestly and without a real style, I'm very sarcastic and I wear minimal makeup. All the girls I work with light up and go into flirt mode when he's on, but I don't. Aside from work, we have nothing in common and therefore my interest in him isn't very large (although I do appreciate his exterior). He has certainly shown interest, direct eye contact, saying my name randomly, laughing at my jokes, asking me a lot of questions, lighting up when I enter the room etc. I've seen him get pissed off when I haven't responded the way most of his fan club of girls do to something he says.

Does anyone else question the motives behind the interest given by a beautiful person?


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  • I would KNOW he just wants to f me because I'm not bowing down to him. That's sad and pathetic of him though and I'd never do it, I don't just people on appearances and people who do disgust me. Just ignore him.

    • i don't judge people*

    • I have been ignoring his advances, because I'm not interested. I have certainly noticed that a lot of people fawn over exceptionally beautiful just because of how they look.

    • Ugh. SO lame :/

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  • Oh I do. But then again I am a plus size gal that has dated several athletes and a body builder. So really why wouldn't I be?


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