Tips for how to grow my hair longer?

My hair is down to my shoulders but I'd like it to be longer. Whenever I try to grow it longer, though, it just needs to be cut because the ends are dead. I'm a swimmer but I put a lot of conditioner in it and double wrap it to augment the chlorine. I never use a blow dryer or a curling iron or put drying products in it. I've tried deep conditioning and oiling; I also eat healthy and take vitamins. Any other suggestions?


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  • You know, you don't have to keep cutting your ends. Yes it helps keep your hair from splitting up more, but its main for aesthetics. Try protein treatments and maybe eating more protein. Hair is protein, so that will make it stronger.

    Do you seal your ends? Like when its wet, put a light on them? Do you wear your hair out alot? Does it brush against your clothes or cloth material quite often, even if its in a ponytail? Do you touch it a lot? What do you use to detangle it? How often do you deep condition? Do you shampoo all of your hair or just your scalp? What kind of shampoo do you use. Do you have naturally oily hair or naturally dry hair? What's your curl pattern or is your hair straight?

    • I'm Caucasian and I have thick, naturally curly hair and I wear it up a lot, usually in a bun because the ends are kind of scratchy. I think it's a 3a curl but am not sure. It's definitely on the dry side naturally. I shampoo it after I swim a few times per week, otherwise twice a week all over with Redken Fresh Curls and deep condition once a week with Neutrogena Triple Moisture. I don't brush it, just put gobs of conditioner in it for several minutes and then detangle it with my fingers.

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    • Wow, OK. Thank you so much for all of your advice and taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Your welcome, I'm to be of some help. I hope the stuff I presented to you helps you out some how. And that you for Best Answer. Also, if you haven't looked at the 2nd link by now, I meant to say its about "growth and length retention " not "maintenance ." Also joining some hair forums will help to, especially with certain questions you might have in the future, since it caters to achieving longer, healthy hair.

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  • Well, what's your idea of eating healthy?

    Hair is made up of dead protein, so you need to make sure that you eat enough lean protein. Protein will keep your hair strong and lessen breakage.

    -Skinless chicken breast, salmon, sardines, tuna, lentils, eggs and tofu are great protein sources.

    Dark green vegetables will provide minerals and vitamins that maintain hairs elasticity, shine and strength.

    -Kale, spinach, bok choy, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are super healthy

    Fruits can provide vitamins to keep hair shiny and retain length

    -bananas, avocados, blueberries, oranges, blackberries and strawberries are great for hair

    All of these foods will help you receive nutrients that will allow for length retention but nothing will make hair grow.

    As someone suggested try a protein treatment maybe every 4-6 weeks (followed by a moisturizing deep conditioner). Protein treatments will help keep hair strong, hence less breakage and more noticeable growth. You can YouTube egg hair masks for a DIY or purchase individual packets or bottles from Sally's & Ulta. ApHogee 2 minute reconstructor from Sally's is a popular one as is the Joico K Pak from Ulta.

    Take a multivitamin or hair, skin and nails supplement.

    Massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes each night

    And stop worrying. You can only do so much when genetics are working against you

    • Thanks for all of your thoughtful suggestions. :-) I will look into those protein treatments and the hair supplements.

    • Oh also, try using a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. Aveeno has sulfate free shampoos & conditioners. Organix is another brand. sulfates dry your hair out even more!

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