Do guys with average looks rate average-looking girls higher?

Do guys with average looks think average-looking girls are hotter? I mean is their rating system off?


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  • I wouldn't say that, the standard of 'beauty' is up to the person of course, but for the most part there is an almost universal standard and more often than not, that is the preference. I'd say I'm an average guy, am I attracted to 'average' girls? Yes I am attracted to a good few of them, does that mean I rate them higher than 'attractive' girls? It depends on the girl, but for the most part, no. It's all opinion anyway, some guys think some women are 'beautiful' and I'll agree, the same guys might see another woman and think she's 'beautiful' and I'll not see it. For example I knew a ton of guys who were obsessed with Shakira and they thought she was hot as hell, I honestly didn't see it myself and I'd prefer an 'average' girl to her.

    • Thanks for your input. Could you please list some celebs you recognize are 'average' but you find attractive?

    • I don't know if any celebrities are considered to be just average? Especially modern females actresses...

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  • no its a perfence thing, like me. I like girls who are big, or skinny or in the middle

    as long as I can get along with them and I find them attractive everything is good, I know guys who only go for what is considered hot which is skinny, but I honestly I don't like skinny girls to much I prefer middle or big


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  • As a girl, might I just add, that some "average Joe" sometimes prefer "plain Janes" to "hotties", who tend to be stuck on themselves and act more like "Dolled up Dickie Divas," to put it mildly. Guys of this nature, find the real beauty within, not concentrating mainly what they see in "Jane's looking glass,"but if they are fortunate to get both these "hot plate traits," then "their rating system is up to standard.:))xx

    • If I might add one "more median," and that is Hilary Swank. She is not really gorgeous, somewhat just pretty in her own special way, but "cute and clever" in another. Her character traits highlight her face and whole well being, which makes her a beautiful girl. Beauty is only skin deep..It is what is inside someone that makes them "all that" on the outside.

  • Average guys usually want hot girls.


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