Not particularly good in bed & not particularly good looking ...

A girl friend of mine told me how she has the hots for this guy that she slept with over a year ago while she was with her partner of 11 years. She still lusts after him even though they are not an item but he has about 20 girls after him and he picks & chooses and doesn't treat his girls well - suppose she is a bit jealous

What I though was odd is that she said he is not particularly hot in bed , or good looking , but he has this presence that drives her mad -

Ladies - tell us what you think is going on here - why is she so hooked


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  • He hits the spot of course!

    • Hmmmmm ... define the "spot" - I mean sex was crap, looks -nothing special .... so what else?

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  • Maybe it's the chase. I think a lot of girls are thrilled by the idea of being the one exception that can get a bad boy to change his ways.

  • I know since you're a guy, it's hard for you to believe that women would find a man "attractive" if he's not good looking and/or great in bed. Women are not that shallow. There's obviously something about his personality that she is drawn to.

    • Your are bit presumptuous about me. But, thank you for the response

      Actually I don't find it hard to believe about some women, but perhaps other guys do....

      What are the other parts of the character they are being drawn to...

      And actually some women are exactly that shallow as experience bears out , as are some guys..

      Jut like fish in the sea, there are all sorts...

      The question was more curiosity....

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