Are feet a turn off?

if the girl you're interested in is pretty with nice body and personality, if she has something somewhat abnormal in her feet is it a turn off?


not referring to fungus, I know anything with poor hygiene is without questioning disgusting. I'm talking about natural deformities, like mild bunions? I have seen severe bunions and I find them literally repulsive, are mild bunions just as gross? Would it be a turn off?

this is the closes I could find to what I'm talking about something similar to this (mild bunions) link

  • It's disgusting, I'll loose interest.
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  • It's not a turn off, I'd still be interested
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  • I don't care about feet
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  • yes, but she can wear sucks and problem solved, if we are in a relationship I would pay to fix the issue, but I've seen some smoking women with ugly feet and because she is so hot you just try not to think about it and is totally fine, now if your feet smell, like when you wear closed shoes without sucks, that's a real problem

    • the girl with stinky feet when wearing closed shoes without socks, why can't she just wash them? lol

      If her feet stink ALL the time, even when she's nto wearing closed shoes without sock, then I see a problem, but mostly anybody wearing closed shoes without socks will get some kind of sweating problem down there don't you think? and it's easy fix with a quick shower lol no?

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    • I don't get it.

    • it's just bad

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  • This is a question that gets asked here a lot. You will see two completely polar responses to this. People either find feet disgusting or they love them. In my opinion, many people who say they don't care about feet actually only say that because the subject is "feet". They don't have a believable reason to give.

    Personally, I am a harsh critique of feet and every little medical abnormality with feet is a turn off for me. But that is just me.

    • so even if the toes are cute petite and neat, if the person has a slight bunion, you'd be uninterested?

      I personally find them disgusting lol but I've searched online an they are all repulsively eyesoring, I can't seem to find something that resembles what I'm talking about, but it is a very mild bunion. I guess it's a turn off then, doesn't matter how much I take care of myself or how cute I am. life is a suck hole lol

    • Look my friend... Nobody is physically perfect. I was commenting as if I were in a perfect situation. And just one little funny thing may be overshadowed by many other physical or behavioral goodies. So please don't get pulled in that "suck hole". Be thankful for having those normal legs and feet to be ae to walk on.

      Aaaaaah ! Enough of that sermon.

    • lol I am thankful, in fact I'm more physically attractive than your average woman you find on the street, but being happy for being able to walk, when I'll be rejected for something superficial? really, that's not comforting. I just realize life sucks, because I myself am superficial, and wouldn't date someone with some kind of physical impairment, yet expect to be accepted for my imperfections lol

  • Lol if that's all you have to worry about then you're fine. I didn't even know that bunions even existed until you pointed out what they were.

  • Feet are disgusting to me to begin with. Just keep your socks on and you should be fine.

  • it depends on who you ask

    the fetish that most people around the world have

    not including me

    is with feet

  • bunions wouldn't bother me.

  • No

  • I don't pay attention to a persons feet

  • I find bunions to be completely repulsive. Feet are just as important as any other body part and should be taken care of as much as any other. Nice well kept feet with no bunions or deformities are extremely attractive as they indicate good health and that she takes good care of her body. For me feet are as much of a deal breaker as any other pat of the body.

  • without deformity they can be a turnon with deformities that can be a turnoff or a person could be indifferent


What Girls Said 1

  • My feet are fugly so I hope not lol, damn runners feet. fml.

    • My hands are also strange lol, I'm all around effin weird I guess...

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