Are shoe repair places able to make a heel smaller?

I have a pair of heels, that are just too high for me, they have a platform also. Do you think a shoe repair place could cut off part of the heel and put on a new sole?


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  • They should be able to do that easily. But they might just put a new heal on rather than cutting it. There aren't may shoe repair places left, but I've been to them before. Like I've had my hiking boots completely re-soled. It was cheaper than buying new boots, and I didn't have to break them in again.

    Since there aren't many left, the first thing you need to do is find one. Then give them a call. They can probably give you a good idea what they can do and the cost without seeing the shoe.


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  • Have you tried, oh I don't know...calling them to find out?

    • not to be racist, but the ones I know, don't speak English very well

    • Just get the shoes and take them into shops close to your house and ask them in person, if English is hard to get from them.

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  • Not sure about that, but why don't you just buy new shoes with lower heels? Will it be the same price?

    • i don't think so,i just really like these ones anyways

    • Ahh got you but the heels are way too high...oh well you can try and ask them :)

  • Not sure, you'll have to take them in and find out.


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