I really hate my body with such a passion?

I am African American, Brazilian,Asian,and Caribbean the women of my dads side of the family are really thick and I happen to be thick too I hate it so much.I am small on the top but big on the bottom I can never get into my jeans and guys always grab my ass in school.all I want to be is skinny.small butt, small arms,small thighs,and I want my hip bones to show just a little. Is me not liking myself bad? What should I do?


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  • are you fucking kidding me!?

    what is wrong with being thick? real women have curves!

    anyways, yes! not liking yourself is extremely bad. in order to fix your problem and frustration in life you need to accept yourself how you are first. is not that you have to forced yourself to like yourself but just appreciate what you have. how many girls don't wish they were thick themselves? and those losers who grab you at school they aren't supposed to do that and you need to do something about. but looking at the bright side they are grabbing you for a reason.

    but come on! how can you see so much negativity with being thick!?

    • People always tease me because I have shape. My mom says I should be happy cause some girls would die to be thick.Ever since I moved to Georgia from Brazil I see skinny everywhere and "thin is beautiful,so get to it" so-called friends would talk about how big my ass is and it really gets annoying.Guys only see me for my body, some girls want my body and I want theirs.

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    • Your right,all of the girls hate me cause I get all the attention from the guys.They wish that they could have what is mine but they know they can't therefor they talk about to make them feel better which doesn't always work.Wow thick=beautiful thank you for showing me that

    • lol, I was just being honest

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  • There's nothing wrong with that in fact girls like me who are skinny wanna be like you and I think most guys like exactly your body type. So if most girls and most men like your body, why don't you? There's a logical thought there but really all you need is to accept yourself for what you are and be happy and proud with it :)

  • Exercise & eat healthy

    Avoid weights, focus on long cardio


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