Can nude lining go with any skin?



I am brown complexion and I want to get this outfit.

I know you're probably thinking what does color have to do with it.

Well, I've never purchased an item that has "nude lining" in it before. And since the model is Caucasian the nude lining matches her skin tone.

Is the nude lining a certain color (which is like Caucasian skin), or does it blend with any complexion.
It appears that she is nude under the outfit. But it is the nude lining that blends with her skin that is causing it to look that way, in case you don't know what I am talking about.


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  • I think it would be better to get a lining that matches your skin tone. If you are not white and have a brown complexion, look for linings that say "honey", "cocoa" "amber" things like that because that will be your nude. Nude is really only nude if it blends with your skin, so for me I consider what's commonly called "nude", beige lol.

    It depends on the finish of the nude lining under that suit. If the lining is fairly sheer you could probably get away with it. But if it's more opaque, then it might look weird because the lining will be lighter than your skin is

    • Ive never seen any lining say the shade.

      It always says nude.

      And I've always wondered what that was.

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  • I'm of a similar completion to that girl and I wear nude clothes which makes me look naked ( well I'm slightly paler but not by much ) you be fine if your of a similar completion to her and your attempting to get a nude nude look


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