Hair dye and dandruff correlation?

so I got my hair dyed at a salon end of April. I switched to the colorsafe shampoo/conditioner of my usual brand. almost immediately I noticed dandruff. I didn't get it before, so I figured it had to do with the dye and once my scalp got used to it it would stop. but it just got worse. and when my roots started to show it got much worse. so now I have about 2.5" of roots but I can't afford to color it professionally and it doesn't look that bad really. but I am having a massive dandruff problem. MASSIVE. as soon as it dries it starts shedding and now the flakes are large and it feels like my scalp is covered in scabs. is some kind of weird series of reactions going on?
so the wiki says it can be the result of hair products, but why would it get worse once my roots grow? I do shampoo it less often than I used too, and I wash it twice when I do because after one shampooing it still feels icky, but after two it feels fine. so maybe that's why.


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  • Dandruff is an infection of the scalp. Once you have it, you have it. Medicated shampoos can stop some of the flaking in the short term, but they can't cure it.

    Read the wikipedia page on dandruff - you'll learn a lot that shampoo adverts have no incentive to tell you. For example, we only correctly identified the cause of dandruff in 2007.

    A specific fungus, Malassezia globosa.

    • eww fungus on the scalp. but I'll check wiki.

    • That article is kind of confusing. The way I read it, fungus is only one cause, but there are others.

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