Should I wear a tie and a blazer with jeans?

I don't mean the hair; I'm talking about these clothes.

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  • No, lose the jeans, keep the blazer and the tie.
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Jeans would have no distress, and would most likely be dark blue.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Disregard the third link.


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  • Blazer minus the tie. Tie makes it far to formal to go with a pair of jeans; I'd likely opt for grey jeans.

    That's my take on it anyways. I'm not exactly a fashionista or anything and often just opt to wear what I'm most comfortable in; which is never jeans.

  • Not everybody can pull off a look. You should look at yourself in the mirror. It will either look good or bad. I personally do not think the jeans will do you any justice.

  • Sure, that's a cool look..formal and informal simultaneously, and you'll stand out in the crowd.

  • Generally I'd say you up the formality of the pants before adding a tie. When I was younger I wore ties more. In retrospect this is because I was poor and lacked the right clothes. I like jeans/shirt/blazer, from there you'd go nicer pants/shirt/blazer -> suit/shirt -> suit/shirt/tie ... normally. or instead of suit/shirt, sportsjacket/pants/shirt/tie.

    If you really want to do it though, you need a casual looking -tie-. Mr Sutherland's looks odd because its a very formal tie. First guy has loose tie which I wouldn't do at my age trying to dial formality down. Like I said, I wouldn't wear the tie with jeans generally (though I've worn sweater/tie/jeans) but if doing it, I wouldn't wear a standard silk tie.

    I'd either go with a silk knit tie, or a wool tie, something like that. Even a slubby raw silk. You can pick up cheap knit or wool ties at btw.

    If I wanted to splash it up I'd probably go pocket square no tie with that look tbh.


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