Am I the only one who thinks curly hair that has a bit of frizz much sexier?

I like curly hair that isn't perfectly done with the curling iron. To me some frizz is fine... as if its sex hair or out the bed look. I feel that the curling wand makes it too PERFECT making it lose that sexy wild confidence appearance, giving you that bland innocent look. Just recently I had my hair in its natural curly state and people tend to compliment it more like that than straight. Some guy told me I remind him of a lion waiting to devour someone and that my walk just owns the look. Then said sex must be real good with you... Jokingly and told me how his wife has curly hair like mines. Started talking to me about his decade and stuff, he was white And a black gut just kept agreeing. I get compliment from every race.


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  • Naturally curly hair on a woman. Is very attractive to me. Especially if it's long.


    • I love curly hair. Yes, its look better when your hair is longer because too much shrinkage occur when you have curls.

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