Which body fat do you find the most appealing?

link I definitely am shooting for 10-12% but I'm wondering what others think
wow I did not expect these kinds of responses lol.


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  • on guys, I'm a big fan of anything between 10% and 20-ish%. The 6-7%-picture is already way too much for me (no softness to cuddle with at all), and 25% is still alright, but less of a turn-on. If we're talking ideals, I'd not go for the 25%-guy, but in real life I don't think I'd mind.

    On women, I'd prefer more women to look like the girl in the 30th percentile, cause damn that girl looks smokin' curvy! But women do look good anywhere from 17-30%.

    As a woman, I'm aiming for an in-between of the 22% and 30% women. Perfect world would be curves of the 30%-woman but arms and thighs of the 20-22%-woman, and a belly like the 25%-woman. But I think I'll work towards the 25%. Keep it realistic, y'know :D


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