What physical qualities make a girl seem "sexy" or "hot" ?

nice hair ? color of eyes ? small waist ?


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  • I gotta say I do like pretty much all kinds of girls. Usually when I start noticing a girl (physically) it's because I like something about her body. The big thing about a girl's body for me are curves. The waist doesn't have to be thin. It's about the curves. Hips, breasts, legs, ass. Whatever.

    Some girls it's a killer set of legs. Some girls I like a big ass, though the small ones are nice too it just needs a certain shape to it (the same goes for t!ts too). Sometime... a nice set of eyes can keep me fixated.

    Yeah... I'm not picky.

    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

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  • A very feminine hairstyle (whether long or short), small waist, or hip-to-waist ratio, wide hips, a lovely round booty (whether big or small), non-muscular arms, curves (whatever her weight), natural boobs (whether big or small)...feminine facial features (of course this description varies between women) and lastly, a sexy walk.

    these are my personal preferences

  • Not really eyes, unless they're particularly striking. Waist? doesn't matter one bit! Trust me guys like girls of all sizes :P Hair is an important one for me, I like long silky hair. Another personal thing which may be unhelpful is that I like girls with cute glasses for some odd reason. It just makes girls more attractive to me, but you can't really do anything about that one. I'd say a nice inviting smile is also important.


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  • I am not a guy, but I believe there are things on female body that men like such as boobs, ass, face and legs, all those things that are different from them, things that they don't have you know

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