Guys, what do you like better and how would it look?

Ok so me and a friend are going to a casual party, and we are having a bet on what casual "look" guys would prefer more a teacher or school girl. So not like a costume but more like if you saw a girl you would use one of those to describe her. So we are going to test this out and saw who meets the most guys at the party. I chose the teacher so I would like to know if you saw a woman a she just struck you as a "sexy teacher" kind of look what would it look like. So just like would her hair be up in a ponytail, messy bun or just down and straight. What clothes would she wear, remember nothing fancy just something like a t-shirt or tank top and jeans. And what shoes would she wear. Thank you!


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  • The results of this night is really intriguing my night; I mean, on one hand you have the psychology of teacher being more mature / higher status / etc.. and on the other hand, more strict, etc.. So this is gonna be really interesting. Hope it turns out well.

    As for the outfit, I'm not a fashionista by any means but I think you could turn this into a great addition to your night by going out with your friend around the town. Maybe you guys can help each other with your costumes or find some guys who would be your board of judges, hahaha.

    My idea of the sexy teacher outfit would be more stern/professional; think hayley atwell in captain America. You know your hair best but I'd suggest a pony tail look unless you're gonna go all out, in which I love it when a gal goes to a professional shop to have her hair crimped (something about it is just so alluring). And take this other guys suggestion of some glasses, fucking sexy. I'd probably vote for the teacher, just saying..

    Are there any bets on the line? lol

    • Thanks and yeah if she gets more numbers I owe her $50 and a full paid spa day for both of us and if I win she owes me $50 and either tickets to a hockey game or football for both of us, if not that a new pair of shoes.

    • The spa WOULD be pretty nice... sounds like you guys have been friends a while - cheers to you two and let the best costume win

    • Thank you!

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  • From what I have seen most guys prefer a schoolgirl look. its just a miniskirt with a nice matching top but most guys can't resist how innocent you would look as a schoolgirl.

  • sexy teacher with a good specs...and tight shirt and skirt is all we need


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