Girls, when do you stop wearing....

girls, women when do stop wearing undies with little hearts on them? is it wrong that I love prints on knickers/panties? because for me that's the fun, but if its something you girls grow out of then I don't want to be a weirdo.


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  • I'm 22 and I still wear printed undies. I have floral undies and I also have that ch

    erry thing in it.

    • and the little hearts? what colours bras as well?

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    • But have you ever wore non under your suit?

    • well there wasn't a day in my life that i wore nothing under my clothes. I always wear undies. lol.

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  • Bjorn Borg female boxer time shorts with wacky prints are my loungewear :P

    Umm I don't own many things with little hearts on them at the moment.

    • what kind of wacky prints? I've just started wearing loose boxers, today they have little frogs on them

    • Lightning bolts, Polka dots, Random triangles, abstract art.

    • *quickly covers his lap with a pillow* cool

  • excuse me but I'm a 19 year old girl and I wear underwear with hearts and stars and batman and everything imaginable. hahha

    • cool, what ones are you wearing right now?

    • polka dots of course

    • what colours? does your bra match?

  • I still wear them - the cotton ones all have flowers, hearts etc in various coloursb

  • I've never put any on since I was 10 !

  • never


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  • no, some men find the printed underwear on women to be cute still. you're not weird for that. I would imagine they stop by around 14 or even 13 12 or 11

    • dave4u you had a girlfriend when you were 11?

    • no, lol. I didn't have my first official girlfriend till I was 15 1/2

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