Somewhere more legit?

I like these two jackets. Unfortunately I have only found them on these less than reputable sites. Anyone know where I could find these or something very similar?




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  • They're completely different jackets. The only similarity is that they are close fitting. If they don't fit you well, they will not look the way you want.

    Basically avoid most mainstream north American brands if you want a slim fit. Try cheaper European chains (H&M, Zara), or Asian ones (Uniqlo). AA has slimmer cuts as well.

    • I didn't say they were similar amigo. I was wondering if somebody had seen this from a more reputable dealer. Thank you for your help though

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  • try ebay


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  • Yeah, they're on ebay seller "ysrskystore". A Chinese seller with warehouses in germany and england.

    I bought a trench coat from him and received it in 3 business days. But you should know that a jacket that's cheaper than a tshirt is not exactly the best quality around.

    • How much did it cost?

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    • Also I should mention that I knew exactly what I was buying because I saw that exact trench coat at the mall and it was almost 3 times more expensive. I tried it on at that store, I liked it for a casual wear and I searched for it on the net, found it on ebay and bought it.

      But as I said before, you should buy something like that ONLY for casual wear, if you wear it over a suit it'll look ridiculous and cheap.

    • i haven't worn a suit it ages. So not really a problem

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