Change in cloths color?

So for many years I've worn many clothing styles, that look good according to others. But even though I have new styles I stick to the same colors : Black , grey, red, green ...on other words "dark" colors. And I'm pretty bored/sick of it.

So my question is what do you think of a person that has same color cloths? How can I transition into other colors, because when I do I feel emasculated.


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  • At one time all I would wear is black. Jeans, t shirts, shoes, slacks, dress shirt. tie. At work I was called Johnny Cash LOL. Black, black, black.

    One day I bought a couple of t shirts and for some unknown reason. I bought a bright yellow and a purple one. And it took off from there. I still do wear black on black on occasion. But a brighter colour shirt with black jeans (example) is a good way to make a transition. So it's not to much of a shock all at one time.



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  • Start wearing bright colours i.e. a pink shirt dark washed jeans, white with black, green with dark grey jeans etc

  • Wear more white. I think the person who has a lot of same colored clothes lines those colors lol. Just try it on and if it looks good, but it.


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