Nose bump, ruin beauty?

I have a nose bump, can this ruin how I look not a small one I kinda have a big bump in my nose it really lowers my self confidence. so does the nose matter when you have an over all cute face


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  • Short answer: NO; does NOT ruin beauty.

    My first girlfriend had a nose bump but I never even noticed it till after a few weeks of dating. She was a total fox... Petite, blonde, and completely banging body (sorry, but true). Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so don't let one douche tell you to change something about yourself. For all you know there's another dude out there who likes everything about you.

    I also DO NOT think you should have any kind of plastic surgery. It takes away from who you are, your heritage. I'm part native American and I'm very proud of my features and my history. You should be proud of yours.

    As for Beauty in the mainstream-sense... Well, trends come and go. It used to be that a nose like yours was considered attractive because it was identified with the Anglo-Saxon gentry. Only after the Irish migration and assimilation did the smaller noses become a desired physical feature. Hope my attack from various angles helped you out.


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  • Styling is what matters. If you project a sense of beauty people will think you're attractive, I assure you that most celebrities that are idolized for their beauty are plain ugly and nobody seems to notice. Beauty is subjective anyway, and a nose bump doesn't mean anything. Try to be smart and a good person instead there's a lot fewer of those than 'pretty' girls.


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  • Nose bump club member here too! I always hated mine until I started asking friends what they thought of it (friends that I could depend on to be brutally honest) and they all assured me I didn't belong over a cauldron in a shack in the woods.

  • When I was your age I hated the fact that I had a bump on my nose. I was incredibly self conscious of it. Then, I got a little older, realized it was never going to change so I should stop giving a shit about it. A little while later, I had a brief time where a lot of people complimented my nose which was really weird to me. Now, I don't think about it much though my boyfriend has said he really likes it and thinks its cute.


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