Is anyone here from Chicago?

What type of clothing do you wear during this weather to avoid being cold? Type of shoes?


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  • I'm not in Chicago but I'm Canadian for what ever that's worth... to stay warm in the winter it's best to ware a thin under layer of clothing made of synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the skin. After that you can put on a loose layer of cotton blends to trap in your body heat. Wear long underwear beneath pants. Next layer on fashionable sweater or what ever you prefer to wear; sweaters with high necklines are ideal.

    For footwear don't wear shoes. Wear a good pair of thermal insulated boots that ride up the calf. They make fashionable boots that can be dressed up but pay for quality. Make sure it's water repellant. If your feet get cold the rest of your body will soon become cold as well. The rest of your outdoor wear is just, scarf, hat or ear protectors, and gloves.

    It's best to keep your head, hands, feet, and neckline all protected and warm. They're typically the first parts to get cold and once your cold it's sometimes near impossible to get warmed up.

    And if it gets extreme and hits the -twenties or lower, you may need to layer your coats with a thinner insulated liner, thicker downy or alternate material to keep body heat in, and a wind brake on the outside. As well as wearing gloves inside mittens and full face protectors.

    Then again it all depends on what your doing... are you just running from house to car to work? or are you going out into the cold for several hours? The top bit of information is all you need if you're not subjecting yourself to the elements for very long. Three layers; an extra layer of skin, one loose cotton blend, one outer shell; along with good calf high boots;

    p.s. tight pants are your enemy. I see allot of girls wear skin tight pants in negative temps and then complain that they're always cold... duh.

    • Thanks! Too bad I didn't get to read this before I left lol

      I did wear double pants and triple shirts with double sweaters, scarfs, ear stuffs lol and a long coat, with mittens and unfortunately the boots I took made my feet freeze! xD so I my sister had to let me borrow hers.

      We did walk around a bunch, it was so hard to breath without covering up my face lol but it was so much fun! The wind is what makes it all so awful.

    • Oh, and I saw girls wearing dresses! for the graduation... SHORT dresses! with heals! lol xD and we had to stand out in the cold freezing wind, it was unbelievable! I had to go inside the elevator to get warm, and some of those crazy chicks followed me lol... I suppose they went to see their boyfriend's wearing such revealing clothing in below zero weather.

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  • I'm close to Chicago and I am in an even windier (Chicago actually was not named the windy city for the wind : it was named that because of the long winded speeches when they had debates there for elections). part of the state. I am nuts and never dress accordingly but I rarely go outside anyway. This winter has been horrific. My back is so messed up from falling on ice and shoveling :P

    • Haha, really? Well it was really freakin' windy to me!

      I just got back and it was the most horrible weather ever!

      I had been to Vermont before in colder weather, but the wind in Chicago is what made it a freezing nightmare! Which city do you live in that you say is worst than chicago?

    • I live a little bit east from there and it is bad and yes the wind is bad and Chicago should of been named the windy city for the wind :P

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  • Layers will do it for me. I wear a pair of sorel's that are ugly to me but I get lots of compliments, they are flannel inside so they keep my toes toasty, :)


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