If a guy says that a girl is "cute"... what does he mean by it?

Lots of guys tell me that I am "cute" -- like in the middle of conversations they will just kinda say it form out of nowhere, really.

They don't really seem to be attracted to me, but they say that I'm "cute".

What does that mean?

Because when I say a guy is "cute" it usually means that I am attracted to him, does it mean something different when a guy says it?

Please help me out here! :)



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  • Firstly, every guy is different.

    But, I used to say a girl is "cute" if I thought she was attractive in like 6th grade. But now, it's sort of different. Cute still means the same thing, but not as strong as it used to.

  • 'Cute' can mean anything really. He could have been refering you the way you look, dress, talk, or act, or he could be talking about you're personality. I think the same rule applies, but it may just be a little different. It's a simple compliment.


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