Any girls have tips for applying liquid eyeliner?

I can never apply liquid eyeliner properly. I watched a YouTube video and googled some stuff, but I was hoping to find some more personal tips. The problem is sometimes my hand shakes or I apply it too high.

A makeup artist once put it on my lids, and I loved the look. I just can''t copy it. I'm normally not happy with my appearance except my eyes, so I loved what she did. But I have no way of contacting her.

Also, what's the best eyeshadow colours for brown eyes?

I've never been into makeup until now. I've always gone without, but I've started liking it lately so that's why I have no idea what I'm doing.


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  • tilt your head back while you look into the mirror, rest the brush paralell on your lashes and the side of your hand on your cheek then slowly move the brush back so its against your lids without being able to be applied to thickly, start from the centre of your lid outwards with small strokes and when you get to the corner thicken it out a bit then you can do a flick if you want. when that's done go back to the middle and start slowly filling in the rest of the line up to your tear duct.

    use liquid eyeliner with a stiff brush like this: link not this: link the second one is bendy and will mess up a lot more easily

    brown eyes:

    warm purples (obergine & wine), olive green for dark brown eyes, golds & coppers & bronzes


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  • Try a gel liner with a brush. I think E.L.F. Sells a gel liner in a little container and you may have to buy the brush separate, but the brush gives you a better effect sometimes.and practice practice practice lol

    I don't know the proper eye liner brush you will have to look it up or maybe some one here can tell you.

    Green is best for brown eyes, or purple. And brown of course lol

    And I just saw that someone already said this, so I'm just adding validity to it I guess lol

  • so start on the inner corner of ur lid and work you're way out. do small, think strokes, and connect them as u go along. if u start out thin then it won't be all thick and u ll be less likely to mess up. also, if u do mess up, don't try to fix it, just take it off and start over.

  • Hmm, I use liquid eyeliner. I don't have a problem with it.

    Do short, light strokes. That's key with liquid eyeliner.

  • Wow. You just exactly what I think. 0.0 except I never had a makeup artist put makeup on me. 8/

    Anyways, what I try to do for liquid eyeliner is get REAL close to a mirror and have great lighting.

    • I did for a wedding once. I loved the way I look. So many people were shocked. It was the first time in my life I've been called beautiful so much. I'm either called cute or average.

  • Maybe you should try gel eyeliner. It looks better than pencil and is WAY easier than liquid to apply. Also, they sell eye shadow that makes certain color eyes look better and it says specifically "for brown eyes." You can use pretty much any color with brown eyes though.

    • I once bought one of those for brown eyes, and either I didn't apply it right or it didn't look right for me lol. I looked a lot worse than I normally do, and I barely put it on. It wasn't that I put too much on, it was more that it made my asymmetrical face show even more than it does. When the makeup artist did it, it didn't. So I think maybe I did it wrong. Never heard of gel eyeliner, I'll look into it.

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