Question for the Ladies: Women clothes and guys comments visa versa.

Why is it when women wear something sexy or super sexy (Low neck line, short skirt) and a guy makes a comment on it, they get all bent out of shape. But yet, when they see a guy without a shirt and in shorts or tight jeans, they go crazy.
When it states "Question for the Ladies" that is who it is directed towards. So, guys, please don't answer this question. Although, I have complimented a woman on what she was wearing, she still took it all wrong.
Ok, I have seen a few good answers. Here is what I was trying to get at with this question, if you don't like the type of response that you'll get when wearing certain revealing clothing, then don't wear that clothing. continued...
I have performed survey's like this in the past where I'd see a female that was dressed provocatively and complimented her on the outfit, she took it the wrong way, likewise with a lady who dressed conservatively and said basically the same thing, and as before, it was taken the same way.


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  • It really depends on the comment. A comment like "nice tits/ass" is unnecessary and something most women don't want to hear. I think a more formal and not as sexual compliment is almost always welcome, depending on the situation.

    They go crazy in what sense? Do they get hyper from afar or do they actually walk up to him and make sleazy comments? If it's the former, then that's not really a double standard, and something I'd think is fine (considering guys stare a lot both close up and from afar, which basically is the same). But if it's the latter, yes, it's a double standard.

    • I made a very polite compliment to each lady that I saw wearing something sexy, it wasn't done in a vulgar manner. I didn't use the term of nice tits or ass, I am more polite than that. It's just that some women take every comment from every man to be the same. I did floor one woman when I complimented her, she thought I was going to come out and say what most other men would say, she had to rethink her statement, and said thank you instead.

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  • Its called street harassment, which has lead to women getting killed. link

    We as women know that we have tits and and ass. Sometimes its hot outside and we don't want to burn to death dressing like Eskimos because a man will get a boner and lose his mind.

    I've seen gay men where shorts so short their ass cheeks hang out. I've seen fat hairy men with tits bigger than mine hanging out. And do you know the comments they got from strangers? The answer is 0. So why are women the only ones subject to physical and verbal violence for the clothes they wear?

    Clothes that someone wears doesn't warrant verbal or physical harassment. We know that we have tits, we don't give a shit if you think they're nice. They aren't for you, they didn't develop for anyone's sexual enjoyment. Breasts are for babies to drink milk. Asses are to cushion and the spine, the ass hole also dispels feces. The female body is grossly over sexualized compared to the male body.

    Is that to say that men don't get sexually assaulted or harassed? Not at all, but more people feel that they have a right to ridicule and objectify the bodies of women.

    • I've seen gay men where shorts so short their ass cheeks hang out. I've seen fat hairy men with tits bigger than mine hanging out. And do you know the comments they got from strangers? The answer is 0

      Well you're wrong I go shirtless in public on streets of Chicago in the summer and get girls looking over and saying stuff.

    • Have you been ran over because a girl rejected your advances? Refer to my link. women get stabbed, shot, and killed for rejecting street harassment from men.

  • Women do not go crazy if a guy is not wearing a shirt, and to me, when a guy for instance puts a pic up online of himself shirtless, it just means he's desperate thinking what will work on HIM might work on me... and how she ''took it all wrong'' does not make sense. Women dress as they please and it's not for you, or about you. Women dress as they please and it doesn't give YOU the right to look at her like a piece of meat because that's primarily how YOU see women.

    We aren't as horny as men are in general - men need to understand that. Women don't dress like this or that because they wanna get laid, 9 our of 10 times, that is HONEST. Men, however, are always horny and always seeing women THAT WAY so that is nor HER fault.

    If she went off, it means, it seems, somehow your attention offended her. Likely she was minding her own business, regardless of what she was wearing, gave you no right to bother her.

    Women DO get tired of being looked at like a sex object, and just like rapists use the excuse of how a women dresses, that's BS. Guys can control themselves, and maybe she dressed up a certain way for ONE man and doesn't care what 50 other guys think.

    • Women do not go crazy if a guy is not wearing a shirt,

      Wrong. Again as I've said above I go shirtless on the streets of Chicago in the summer and have random girls yell stuff at me and say things even compliments and on college campus when I go shirtless girls go nuts so you're wrong. Maybe I have a nice bod guess going to gym 6 days a week helps.

    • We aren't as horny as men are in general - men need to understand that.

      Again women can be just as horny if not hornier then guys and they just hide it.

  • Certain guys can make comments about us and we won't care. It depends on what you say, how you say it, and who you are. It's levels to this shit. Every guy's sexual comments are not welcome, and some are.

    I don't go crazy when I see a guy without a shirt (I'm not 12), but if I did, it's highly likely that the guy would be flattered by it. That's just the way it is.

  • I believe in either case it would be context in which its said in or even the mannerisms displayed, such as getting into your space and being seen as a perceived threat. Even a girl yelling at some dude to say pull those pants a little lower and flex those muscles or those pants outline that nice c**k perfectly is still degrading and wrong.

    • That may be degrading and wrong, but I think it sounds OK, yes, the word c**k could be worded differently, but, to me it just says how she's feeling at the moment.

    • I guess it is up to every individual and how they wish to be talked to. Sexual advances on men and women are usually seen differently.

  • Because a woman does not go topless on the street. Equating a low neck line with being shirtless is a weird comparison. If a guy were to walk around with a low neck line, no one would comment about it.

    • Ok, you really didn't follow the whole question.

    • You mean why women throw a hissyfit if they get a comment about their revealing clothes but shirtless men accept the comments they get. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're getting at. But women get comments no matter how modestly they dress. That's why they don't take it well.

  • Depends on how you say it.

  • This question makes no sense to me. I don't get your point.

  • double standard

  • Because that's how the cookie crumbles

  • It's called the old double standard.


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  • She's not attracted to that guy that's saying something

    that, or, he did it in a perverted way. There are correct ways to go about complimenting a girls short skirt or low neckline

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    • agree with both these guys

    • So I have 4 uppies, yet the best answer didn't get any. Shows how biased this site is

  • Just reading, Good topic though.


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