Is he only interested because he thinks I'm better looking now?

Freshman year I had a crush on this guy. He wasn't shy and we talked every day in class. Somewhere through sophomore year he moved. Fast forward to the present like three and a half years later he messages me on this social networking site. I ask him if he remembers me because if he does he wouldn't be talking to me. Because why hit on a girl you could have hit on three years ago? He tells me he's always thought I was good looking but never had the balls to tell me. IDK. To me it's hard to believe because it's not like he acted shy around me. He's a talkative guy and I don't know it just seems like bs.


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  • You're both in a different generation now, not worried about peer pressure and saving face so much as you did back in high school.

    He's much more likely to be showing you his genuine feelings NOW than back in those days. Give him a chance to show you he's genuine!

    No doubt, you ARE better looking now!


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