How do you deal with awful hair?

I am trying to get all my hair to bleach blonde and I have bleach highlights so the process is difficult.

She bleached my roots but didn't get all the dark pieces in the bottom layer of my hair to avoid damage. She said she will fix those next time. My roots will also be more even blonde next time.

So right now I have light blonde with all these yellow and darker tones shining through at the bottom.

I can't stand it.

I don't want damaged hair and the whole reason I am doing this is to be full blonde. But going through stages is awful.

What do I do?

If my hair dresser says it will be all blonde and just give it a little more time, should I believe her?

I can easily switch back to highlights but I was so sick of them. That's why I am going through this bleaching process.
She also didn't do the bottoms because using more product would have cost me more and she used two bottles instead of one already, without charging me extra. She said if I wait until next time it will cost less. Is that bs ?


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  • tone the orange and yellow shades with a violet shampoo and some manic panic/directions/sfx or crazy colour purple dye mixed with white conditioner to dilute it to be used after the shampoo

    itll make those brassy shades a darker blonde or a light brown until the hairdresser can do the next round of bleaching.

  • I have bleached my hair blonde before to remove the blue green dye for a wedding (I have dark brown hair). I was able to get all the blue green out with one trip to my hairdresser. It was hard to get it out but what mattered was how long you had the bleach in your hair and it also helped to have your hair under those heat things (lol sorry can't remember what they are called). It also could be your hair dressers skill, like they say don't blame the computer its the user. I hope that helps.


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