Gauge and sizing question, pierced people help?

i have a labret piercing and right now it's at a 14g I originally got it at a 16g but that was so long ago that I don't remember what it looked like.

I kinda want to go for a more subtle look, so would it make a difference if I went down to a 16g? would it be a noticeable difference?


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  • link

    no one will notice the difference, you will feel it slightly though as the bar will be a tiny bit lighter and thinner. I know those aren't septum bars but I'm linking the picture for reference on thickness

    • I don't think those are drawn to scale,mine are a lot thinner than those. I also don't have a septum piercing or septum bar, I have a labret

    • theyre close up photos of actual pieces of jewelry in those sizes

  • Nah. No one will notice a 0.02 inch difference.


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