What do yall think of my two tattoos?

im shading in my dragon some more next weekend ( cause that's when I get paid ha)

what do yall think?

would guys be turned off by my tattoos?






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  • First you can't link to photos in your personal pictures file. You would have to up load them here.

    Some guys will be turned off. Some guys won't

    It's an individual preference.


    • sorry about that, I'm horrible with computers but I fixed it.

    • Those are sweet TA2's very well done. and they can easily be covered with clothes if need be.

      I have 7 TA2's. None have any special meaning. I like colour. So I get designs I like that have nice colours. Some I've had the colours changed to something brighter.

      All that matters is that you like them.


    • Thanks and That's awesome!

  • Woah. That's a big one. Some guys might like it, but I'm not into big tattoos. I want to look at and feel a girl's natural clear skin rather than paint. That's just my opinion.

  • I don't really like tattoos, personally, but I think yours are at least well done. Wouldn't be a deal breaker though.

  • I don't like large tattoos on girls but that's just me. Yours are fine. Just don't get one on your chest!

  • im a mix on whether or not I like tattoos. some are hot while others just look bad.

    thats big letters for a 'verse' tattoo...would like it more if it was not taking up half of you.

    i don't care for the dragon. my first thought was https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=7gz1DIIxmEE

    but if you like them then that is all that matters...

  • It's OK as long as it can be hidden by clothes pretty cute. Not a deal breaker if I like the girl enough. Being bi is more a deal breaker then tats. At least for me.

    • Is there any meaning behind the dragon or do you just think its cool? I wanted a tat before just because the design and everyone was like don't get a tat because you think its cool there needs to be meaning lol.

    • dragon tattoos have a couple different meaning like strength, courage, fearlessness, . it is a symbol of protection and of goodluck.

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  • I really don't like tattoos of words or tattoos that have a lot of words. And giant words down your side, as pretty as it can be is... I just... You can do so much better than words, I just... They rub me the complete wrong way and it's very well done- it is, it's a very high quality tattoo so if that's what you're asking then wonderful, technically beautiful- but I hate it. I'm sorry my personal opinion is that wordy tattoos are just hideous. I"m so so so sorry. But it is very well done and if it means a lot to you then that's all that matters.

    The second one is really cute! I'd like to see a bit more color added as it looks lacking and bland but with some color and shading and details added I think it could be truly amazing. As is it's quaint and nice but not as amazing as it could be. And it could be so very incredible.

    All that matters, m'dear, is that YOU love them. Be proud of them and what you stand for, it doesn't matter what other people thing. The person you're supposed to end up with and the friends you have won't care, or they'll love you all the more for them. We're just idiots on the internet, what the hell do we know?

  • The link doesn't work but what do you expect from opinions here anyway? it's not like you could take it off your skin

    • I fixed the link problem and I'm just curious.

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    • nice

    • im finishing the dragon next weekend.

  • im just gonna apologize in advance for this.

    ok so.. I think the dragon is decent, this is coming from an artist studying in animation, not a tattoo designer, I think the word-art is well done but its overkill size is appalling imo, but I actually hate them and tattoo's in general, it really isn't my taste and I pity the people who ruin their skin permanently for something so stupid, have you even thought what your kids (when you get married) will think if they ever see that? if you were my mom I would excommunicate with you asap, I'd much sooner carve it off your flesh with a scythe.

    but that's just my personal opinion, its not like what ever I say can change what's already been done anyway.

    btw incase you haven't realised, going anon doesn't help you much if you post the address of your pictures with your user data slapped onto it "aundrea".

  • Not my taste.


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