Did the glamorous lady fancy me?

Today when I was in a cafe I was aware of an older glamorous woman (mid to late 40's) sitting on the veranda outside (it was a nice day) with her grown up daughter I think she might have been.

As I ordered my food I sat down inside and was reading a paper when I looked up. The older woman who I liked the look of glanced at me through the door glass, I looked away after a few seconds but she didn't. This whole scenario repeated over a dozen times, and I'm sure she sort of smiled at me at one point.

Then I went up to get some sugar for my coffee and I had to pass the door and would have been in view of her, as I passed I was aware of her looking at me sort of "fixedly" looking at me.

She came out from the veranda about 15 minutes later and paid for her meal with her daughter, as the daughter was paying, the woman turned her full body to face me and smiled at me and looked into my eyes and up and down at me. But there was a rather beautiful picture behind me that was nice so she looked at that and did so for a good few seconds.

She kept turning round and sort of finding an excuse to look at me.

Did she like the look of me?


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  • She was attracted to you but would have been too insecure about what "40 years of gravity does to a woman's body" as a compromise she would have tried to set you up with her daughter.


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  • Yes she did, and was probably giving you a warm sign to approach and start to chat to her... Half your job done for you , you just had to do your bit... Stal

  • she was inviting you to talk to her and you didnt

    • Well, what should he say if he was going to talk to her

    • If you think there is no way he could have walked up to her and started a good conversation you are sadly mistaken.

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