Faux Leather pu vs Faux Leather?

Okay, quick question. What's the diff. between faux leather pu and faux leather?

I bought one of these jackets link and as it was badass and fairly warm, I bought a second one just because it can be hard to find a certain jacket again two years down the road.

Except, the second one was much thinner and more pliable. I realized the words "PU" were missing from the second ad I bought from--same seller.

The first ad had said "faux leather pu" and the second just said "faux leather." Though they were from the same seller/company/size. But the first felt a lot thicker and less textured.

Is that standard variation in faux leather, or was it somehow because one was "faux leather" and the better one was "faux leather pu"?


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  • well I think both would be a faux pas to wear in public lol


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