Ok guys..so what would you like to see a girl in?

be specific :) post pics if you can!


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  • Hoodies and caps with a pair of sneakers or whatever. Really not into the fashion puppets and prefer people who have their own style, just makes them seem that much more confident. That being said just wear whatever feels most comfortable as that will reflect on the way you wear it, nothing is as bad as a girl dressed in the latest fashion just because her friends wear it or whatever.

    Oh, and PJ's!

    • I don't know.

      Something about a girl wearing PJ's in public says she's rolling.

    • Women shouldnt feel like they always have to dress up, just to go out to buy a gallon of milk, she should be able to just get out of bed, put PJ's on, do something really quick with her hair, and go get a gallon of milk. there's no point in doing eveything just to do something that is very, VERY simple

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  • Id like to see a girl in...Major League Baseball. Seriously, I'm most attracted to a woman dressed simply in a hat. I love understatement.

  • A beautiful dress


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