Stretch marks on my shoulders?

So I have always had wide shoulders and wide hips, that's just my shape. Ever since I started to grow I noticed stretch marks on my shudders because of how broad they are. Today I saw close up in a full length mirror how bad they really look, to me. They're not too noticeable if you aren't standing and trying to look for them, but they still make my skin not look that great and not that clear.

Are guys turned off by this?

And is there any way possible to get rid of stretch marks?

And have any of you gotten stretch marks on your shoulders? I feel like I can't even go sleeveless now :(


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  • Yes by like my armpit area use coco butter lotion, and don't scratch them if they its that a big no no that makes them worse and will make them stay for ever

    • Omg people scratch at them? I don't touch mine...almost never even dare to look at them haha

    • Yea sometimes people say they itch so they scratch them and make the look worse what colors are urs a they like a pinkish red that means they are starting out

    • They're purple. I've had them for a long time since my growth spurt. I know they're not going away anytime soon lol. But they're small so you can't really see them unless your right next to me. Mine never itched through.

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