Valentine's day outfit?

Girls, really important question! I want to look really nice for that day. I can only wear jeans and a shirt so? Would a white/blue shirt with a blue necklace be good? or do I wear reds and pinks? HELP! I know its a bit silly! Give me your opinions in outfits please! thanks!


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  • I would go with red and blue since guys find those colors the most attractive; mainly red because a lot of guys favorite color. Maybe a red shirt with that blue necklace and ripped jeans would look really cute. Hopes this helps!


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  • Lipstick jazzes up any outfit. So, if you can't do much with the clothing portion, accessorize and wear a red lip color.

    If you have pink jeans you can

    I would the red shirt just for the spirit of the holiday and light denim jeans.