Interview clothes question?

Okay, so in Life Skills class, next week we are going to be doing peer-to-peer interviews, and she suggested we dress to the job we are interviewing for. So I'm wanting to apply to a birthing center as a midwife (later down the road, I'm only 16, but tis just practice anyways), so what should I wear, I think pretty casual yet confident and not sloppy, something that says responsible, I don't know lol thanks :)


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  • pr3ttybr0wn pretty much covered it perfectly. But if you wear a blouse as opposed to a dress, I'd tuck it in for the interview. It will say that you're making an effort to look/be mature & professional & take the interview/job seriously, as well as the fact that it is very stylish with the right outfit. Hope that helps. :)


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  • Wear a pantsuit with a nice blouse in conservative colors with low (less than 3 inch) heels.

    You can switch out the pantsuit for work/dress pants and a nice blouse. Or a skirt and a nice blouse. Add a blazer in a conservative color with minimal detailing if you want. if you don't wanna wear heels, do closed toe flats.

    Keep your accessories simple and understated. Same goes for your makeup, nails and hairstyle. Nothing should attract undue attention to your looks. You want to look natural yet well groomed and polished. UNLESS you are trying to work in the beauty/fashion industry, then you can be more jazzy.


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