Is this true: guys/girls? What do you think?

On the OTHER HAND, you can be as handsome as Brad Pitt and have an amazing personality, but lets say you prefer to not have many friends, and don't care about "social status". Will the woman like you for who you are? FUCK NO! She will not be interested despite you having a great personalit BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU TO BEGIN WITH.
i didn't write this BTW
clearly there are very stupid people here who didn't bother to completely read the whole question lol


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  • Mentally unstable people often attract other mentally unstable people.

    Attractive looking people often attract other attractive looking people

    Racist people often attract other racist people.

    A Non racist would most likely avoid dating a racist person.

    A mentally healthy person would most likely avoid dating a mentally unstable person.

    Then you have all the variables in between. Dating has to be beneficial to SOME degree for anyone to engage with another person. It can be a solely sexual benefit, or it can be purely emotional, and any other combination of benefits.

    Physical attractiveness can keep someone around for SOME amount of time. But looks get boring, and looks fade. IF a guy only uses his looks to get women, he's not going to have anything to fall back on once his beauty fades.


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  • umm no. not true and idc about social status...those people won't be there for me in the future so why impress them? no. not me

  • Don't agree at all



What Guys Said 6

  • Don't agree. Sorry my friend, but your pitty party and self loathing is what will be a major turn off to most women.

  • How can a non-PERSONable person have an awesome PERSONality? :-P

  • I have only 2 close friends and no girls as friends and I've had girls crush on me just by going off how I look and dress. That's all. No indication of social status, wealth, personality, just looks.

  • Good looking people have status regardless of whether they have friends or not. their looks give them value and they are hard to come by making them attractive to women...your an idiot.

  • they will drop their standards a ton as long as your rich

  • Your reasoning isn't true.

    It's more like this :

    If you're the sort of guy who has no friends or not many friends, then how the hell is any woman supposed to know about your amazing personality? Take your word for it?

    Your personality is exposed to others in how you deal with other people. If you don't deal in a friendly way with a lot of people, no one is going to notice your awesome personality.

    It's not rocket science.

    • How about getting to know you for themselves (which, if you're dating, they kind of SHOULD do anyway)

      You do not need a bunch of people to validate you, for someone to think you're a good person. If you do, then THEY are a BAD person

    • As always Max, you've utterly failed to grasp the point...

      QA didn't ask how we'd like things to work in an ideal world.

      "How about getting to know you for themselves (which, if you're dating, they kind of SHOULD do anyway)"

      They won't be dating you, precisely because they don't have a clue as to your personality yet. They don't typically decide to date a guy and THEN find out if he's worth talking to.

      You can bitch and moan that it's not fair, but that is how it is.

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