Have you been teased in high because of your unique look however have you also been praised for them?

Ok so I've been called a rat in grade school lol the girl said I was human rat because I was a immigrant from A eastern country

however it all depended on a certain clique ., I was popular with some clicks.
anyone with half brain can tell I'm not half bad looking guy..


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  • Omg you're still on this site and still obsessed with your looks? Seriously dude get over yourself you are way too obsessed with how you look. No one is gonna be looking that close and judging your every feature. They are too worried about how they look to do that. Probably not nearly as worried as you but still most people watch themselves more than they watch other people, unless they are super confident with themselves.

    You are insecure that is why you are obsessed with the way you look. I am telling you from experience because I used to be like you, not as bad but still. Just make sure you are well groomed, well dressed, and smile when you make eye contact with someone and you will probably eventually meet someone that wants to be with you. But don't act all pretentious and better than everyone because no one likes an arrogant person.

    Lastly, you're not a bad looking guy but you're not a hotstudlovercupcake either so stop acting like you are the most handsome guy in the world because there is a lot of competition out there, including me ;). Wasn't trying to be mean but I think you really need a wake up call. Good luck man.

    • has anyone ever told "funk ' the competition? if want job , your dream job you better think like that :)

      yes don't be arrogant but also have take control of what being said about you so say good about yourself. I might hotstudlovercupcake soon just when norma jean baker became marilyn manroe I'll the male versions like that soon. perfect is everyones goal

    • You cannot control what is being said about you, all you can do is control how you react. Anon User is SO RIGHT ABOUT YOU. Get with it man!

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  • Although I do think I look kind of alternative, I have never been picked at. This still surprises me somewhat, since I actually think I am the stereotype person to be bullied :)

    I wasn't really the most popular person out there, but had a good deal of great friends around me really, that took me with all my weirdness.

    You do not at all look like a human rat :)

  • Dude, got to give you props for perseverance..

  • I find it hard to believe people teased you in high.


What Guys Said 2

  • I've only ever received criticism on my appearance.

    The closest I get to a compliment is that I look 'okay' or 'normal', and that's only ever from people online.

  • No never


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