Do you consider yourself attractive? If so please read this.

Hi thanks for taking clicking. I want to start with saying that I consider myself attractive, I am not narcissistic unless I am joking around. I've been complimented multiple times so I believe that is a good sign. This is pretty much a goofy question but at the same time it's something that worries me. So here goes the question, are you ready? (Imagine you are on Disney's Space Mountain) One of my favorites movies is "She's Out Of My League", why you ask? Well I do consider myself attractive as I said before but for some reason all that confidence goes down the toilet when it matters, obviously when I like a girl. As I said I like that movie a lot and it gives me a glimpse of hope even though it's all fake. So before I ask the question I want to make clear that I also have a big ego so I want to make clear I am not asking for advice, all I want to know is if it happens to you (If I am not alone in the world) or if you like or liked someone that had this same weird THING. I am asking obviously because I like a girl and for some reason I feel like she is way out of my league.

P.S. I've seen her multiple looking at me and since I am on the garbage self esteem mode, I always think that there is something wrong with me.


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  • Yes I do but for a while I was getting too confident. At the time I didn't see it really, I was thinking wow I'm so attractive and hella guys want me. I'm not sure why other than being approached more often even though, I thought my hair wasn't in the usual flattering style.

    Its good to think you're good looking but don't over do it by believing everyone wants you and you are treating them differently because of that. I was being careless and acting like I ran the shots, in the end I pushed them away. I don't regret it since I learned a lesson. I should never be a show off because that's not who I usually am. And I let the attention boost my ego instead of ignoring it...OK nvm I'm ranting too much about myself, I'm not in the best mode so anyways

    If you like the girl, talk to her to try to find out if she's interested. It helps not to show interest all at once so that you don't risk getting hurt. Maybe she lacks confidence too. You Don't have low self esteem because otherwise you wouldn't call yourself attractive. You have some confidence lacking since you doubt she find finds you attractive.

    If you can't tell take a chance, reguardless if she finds you attractive or not, who cares because you already know you are attractive. There will be other girls who agree with you being attractive. That's the beauty of having high self esteem


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  • I think everyone feels that way. Unless you're a player, meeting someone you like will make you want to impress them. That's when the self doubt comes. You care so much about their opinion that yours go down the drain. It's sad really, but it's a biological response.

  • Yup. I feel like I have chiseled good looks when I'm looking in the mirror (I don't feel this way when looking at pics) and that I'm pretty damn attractive

    then... when there's attractive girls around me I'm like... nope I can't compete

    • Exactly it's so darn annoying.

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