Girls, your view on fair skinned guys?

just curious to see what girls say about fair skinned fellas. seems like most women prefer a tanned guy. or are obsessed with tanning themselves. iam fair skinned, I don't tan well being half ginger and all, or a day walker lol as south park would say. also I'm at a greater risk of skin cancer and I get new moles every time I'm out in the sun too long. also getting a procedure done to have some odd looking moles removed later this month. I have LOTS of feckles and when I'm out in the sun even with plenty of sun block my freckles/moles get darker and "pop out" more


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  • I've never really thought about it one way or the other. Being a fair-skinned girl with classically Irish skin myself, I don't think I can really hold it against them,can I? Last count, I had about 4 million freckles in the summer (it drops significantly in the winter, but some stick around). I too am at a higher risk for skin cancer, which is probably why my friends call me a sunscreen Nazi- I re-apply every 2 hours like clockwork and carry sunscreen everywhere with me (there's some in my purse, my desk at work etc.). I sure as heck don't tan- whether in a tanning bed or outside, I'm fine with my blindingly white skin if it means avoiding skin cancer.

    Honestly, I've dated fair skinned guys and darker skinned guys (the whole olive-skin thing), it's never really been a factor for me. I can't speak for other women, but I don't think it would be a deal breaker for most.

    • ya I've tried to tan doesn't work very well. id rather be blindingly white than burn myself. I have no preference for skin colors, I find all skin colors beautiful and attractive

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  • They're OK I suppose. I'm generally more attracted to tan and more brown guys. I think gingers are alright though I guess because for whatever I'm fascinated by red hair. I don't need to tan but I have fallen asleep in the sun, obviously I'll just get darker. Sunburn sounds like it sucks.

    • well red is the color of sexuality and aggressiveness :P

    • It just strikes me as something semi-rare. I sometimes like rare features and rare personalities of people.

  • If you want my honest opinion, I'm not usually attracted to fair skinned guys unless he's very handsome or has a certain charm about him. Nothing against fair skin, I just have such a huge appreciation of those rich, dark skin tones. I like to compare them to Earthly sights like cinnamon, chocolate, red clay mountain, the golden sand in a desert, ect. There's something about the way the lighting hits them that I find very poetic. However, I'm not such an ignorant fool that I've decided to exclude any guy who's skin isn't like that.

    There's this fair skinned ginger with icy, blue eyes who works at one of my favorite stores. He always has this friendly, helpful attitude and he's got one of those smiles that makes you feel good inside. He's hot. I'd tap that. If I was single. and ho-ish.

  • I don't care if he is pale or tanned at all. The guy I'm with now is pale, my ex was pale too.

  • Depends on the girl and her preferences. I'm middle eastern girl typical brown eyes\Jet-black hair olive skinned. I like red hair out of all hair colors on men and women too (I think about dying my hair red as a change although I'm totally in love with my hair color) it doesn't matter which ethnicity or region I really like it, all shades of red even the bright orange, I still don't know why? I'm assuming I like red hair because it's different and unique it has its own beauty and pretty much underrated IMO.

    freckles aren't bad looking to me I think they look cute. the reason why a lot of women in the west mainly U.S and U.K into "tan" guys is due to the media and what is shown on TV, romantic novels..etc it's all about "tall, dark,handsome" stereotype in a few years this might change and later people will also switch their preferences as a whole but it doesn't matter really in the current time I'm sure you will find women preferring your hair color\fair skin the question is do you only like white women? IRL I'm afraid of approaching red headed guys thinking to myself "they're probably aren't into my look (dark hair\eyes)"?

    check this article:


    • like you said I guess its all about preferences. I find all people, skin colors very attractive. black hair is my favourite actually 2nd would be red, mix of the 2 is hawt :P speaking for myself not for all other gingers. don't be afraid about approaching anybody. I also think tan is overrated, people who try to tan by usuing tanning beds try too hard to look good I think

    • Tan is overrated in the west I've seen horrible pics of awful tanned women they look like the Oompa-Loompas with duck faces :D I agree with you, it's all about promoting for a certain look in the media and everyone later will try to achieve it by all costs even if it's unhealthy.

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