Imagine this was real: If you HAD TO choose who you'd look like in appearance for the rest of your life?

who would you choose from the following?

keep in mind that by choosing the person for example: Einstein, it won't give you the brains, you'd just look like him but you'd still be your own person with your one actions and brain.

The only thing that's changing is your appearance. and If you refuse to choose you'd be infected with a deadly viral disease that has no cure.

Who would you choose?

You can google them if you don't know what they look like. You'd be looking like that for the rest of your life.

GIRLS: can vote according to which appearance you are most likely to date.

Based on appearance because they will not posses their style, or brains or money or anything, just looks.

  • Vin Diesel
    Vote A
  • Albert Einstein
    Vote B
  • Justin Bieber
    Vote C
  • Enrique Iglesias
    Vote D
  • Adolf Hitler
    Vote E
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If this is 100% appearance only and nobody would associate me with said person (ie peoples hate for Bieber wouldn't affect the obv choice that he's one of the better on that list)

    Enrique inglesias

    Justin Bieber

    Vain diesal




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What Guys Said 2

  • From your list of choices, anyone but Bieber.

  • Definitely Hitler. It would be so fun just to run around a Synagogue screaming 'Nein nein nein!'


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