Girls, what is taboo to you when it comes to your upper clothing?

Would you think it's okay showing off not just your cleavage but almost your entire boobs save the n*pples?

Is size also a factor here? Do girls with larger breasts prefer wearing more revealing attire?


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  • Chicks with large breasts don't usually have a choice. Most tops they wear will be revealing. You just don't want to show too much.

    Have great boobs? Then emphasize that and hide the rest.

    Got a great arse? Then show that and cover the tits.

    Pick a feature (like your eyes) and run with that, concealing the rest. Don't show all the good bits, make them work to see the rest. Boobs 1st date, arse 2nd date, etc. Or wear or tight dress which shows the outline of what's there, but no skin. Let him bust his balls on his imagination. Don't be one of those slappers which show everything. Cos once you've seen it, where's the mystery?


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  • I have small boobs, so low cut shirts go low on me, because instead of going out on a diagonal (made by boobs) the neck just goes straight done. If I think there is a chance that the band part of my bra between the cups is going to make an appearance, I won't wear it. You;d be surprised how often this happens. I think if I had more boobs, I'd be more worried, but as it is if my bra doesn't show I'm generally good with it.

  • What's wrong with showing your entire boobs, including the nips? As long as your boob are nice and firm and do not sway with every movement you make.

    • Absolutely no problem. :) Have you dressed that way?

    • I appreciate what you are saying, However as a guy there is nothing hotter or more sensual than a gal that has a slight booby bounce or sway to her stride. though I do agree that may not be best for all occasions. It's still hot though.

    • Yes, I have dressed that way.

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  • The bigger the boobs the more cleavage the more beautiful, for attracting it wanted attention


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