What do you think of 20-something women with braces?

I got my braces when I was about to turn 22. I'm almost 23 now. Some people think it's weird, some people says it's cute or sexy? Which side are you? Lol. I look young for my age but when I had it , I looked even more younger.npeople mistaken me for a 15 year old. Lol I have an underbite but it doesn't look bad now as it was before, I love my braces!


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  • I had braces in the past, my teeth were beyond crooked. Anyways, try not to go kissing to many guys with braces, you just might get lip locked forever, heh heh! A friend of yours will be like... "hey orthodontist, can you separate them?" and you 2 are like mmmmmmmm... mmmmmm...


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  • What do you think of smack heads with black teeth? rather braces, it shows your aware and care for your body and self, 10 out a 10

  • I've always thought braces were kinda cute.


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