Tattoo placement opinion?

i'm going to be getting a tattoo that says "audentes fortuna iuvat"

i was thinking of getting it on the inside of my arm, right underneath where the elbow bends.

..should I try to fit it all on one line? or split it up into 3 separate lines?

ALSO, should I get it so that the words are upright for me, and upside down when other people look at it?

or if you have any other placement ideas, that would be great!

i know this is ultimately my choice, but I'm just looking for some outsiders opinions!


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  • The ignorance from the other guys. Just.. wow!

    Listen, it's your body. You do what will make you happy. But I cannot stress enough how much time you should take when considering what tattoo to get one. Or if you should get a tattoo at all. You may want to get one because you're feeling rebellious. Or you want to feel risky and live life on the edge.

    I know you know this but I'm stressing it again because I know a lot of people who wanted a tattoo and later regretted it. I was hesitant myself at first when I wanted to get my first tattoo at 18. I"m glad I got it done and haven't regretted getting it, or any of my tattoos, done.

    I will say this, I think your first tattoo should be small and something that can be covered. Some employers will not allow visible tattoos. I got lucky and found some good jobs that allowed it. A few others did not. Even when I could cover it up with a long sleeve shirt, it was very uncomfortable wearing a long sleeve shirt during the summer.

    If you like your first tattoo and don't have any second thoughts after a while, then take the next step and get on that is more visible, like where you mentioned in your post. I honestly don't think words look that great on lower arms but that just depends on what kind it is (font, saying, special effects, etc.). If you do get one that is what you want, I'd split it up, but again, depends what the words are and all. I think the words facing the other person is the best way to go, unless you want to get one that you can look at as a way to remind you of something or give you hope.

    I suggest you go talk to a professional artist and get their opinion. They'll be frank with you. I know it's intimidating but if you can't get their opinion or face them when you go for a consultation, the actual getting of the tattoo will be very nervewrecking for you and the artist will feel hesitant about doing it. Good luck.

    • By the way, I have 7 tattoos, just in case you needed some kind of validity. :)

    • i ended up getting my tattoo. something completely different from what the question was

    • Right on. Enjoy it.

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  • I just fired all the people with tattoos at the end of the year. It was bad for business thinking that I had untrust worthy people working for me.

    A tattoo in its simplest format means poor decision. Before a judge if there is a 50/50 chance your tattoo will speak for you.

    Then there is God, but you know all about God.

    • Are you fucking kidding me? I have tattoos. I'm a strong Catholic. No way am I a bad person. You're ignorant, judgmental prick. I wouldn't want to work with you even if you offered me a good paying job. I wouldn't too surprised if you were against gay people or certain races. Do us all a favor and don't breed.

    • but god doesn't exist... soooooo

  • No one cares about your stupid tattoo. Tattoos doesn't make you cool, more beautiful or more
    interesting/attractive as you may think. You may pass through a childhood phase.
    And if you want a more scientific answer, over 70% of girls regret it after few years, and some of them were really traumatized after that, some had career problems, etc.
    And no matter if you regret it or not, I don't want to see some words with a "deep meaning" on you, your dogs name, your first boyfriend name that you broke up after one month (really dumb), or other stupid symbols on you. Kids that want to show of, peoples from prison, motorcycle gangs and whores have tattoos.
    Same may say that tattoos are not to show of, they have meanings, they say something, they help you remember something, but why the fuck do you need to insert ink in your flesh for that?

    "parkway" please let me ad some other words from you, that I liked:

    "Without a tattoo you possibly walk into a room and people will feel indifferent about you. With a tattoo over half the people will hate you or feel you have poor judgment.
    With a tattoo you cannot enter some of the wealthiest countries, your job prospects go down, promotions do not occur, chances at top management become more difficult.
    Just think, you might meet a nice guy and so many good men cannot take a inked up girl home. An tattooed woman is just for practice and never for real. Any ink is bad ink."


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  • It's your choice, whatever you think you'll be happiest with forever. Although I'd personally never get a tattoo, I was shocked to see how strongly opposed the other commentors seem to be. However, they seem to be judgmental. Do what you like.

  • no where where it is visible just in case you need to go to an important interview.


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