What style would you classify this is as?

It's like girly and cute pinup look mixed with dark and edgy.

Lots of black and white, vests and jackets with lots of patches

(usually music-themed patches or horror movies), studs and spikes, pentagrams, satanic symbols, camouflage, leather, bullet belt, combat boots, band t-shirts, mixed with pinup girl inspired makeup and clothing styles, bright red lipstick, cat eye, smoky eye, dark purple lipstick, black lipstick, lace, pearls, skinny jeans, flannels, hair accessories such as bandanas, flowers, and clips.

Is there a name for this kind of style?

Also lots of polka-dots and high waisted shorts


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  • What you are looking for is probably psychobilly.

    Camouflage is something that's mostly found in metal but the rest describes pretty much a psychobilly style with punk influences

    Psychobilly is basically a darker version of the typical rockabilly style (polka-dots, red lipstick, bandannas, 50th pinup-style.) mixed with horror-movie themed influences

    example of rockabilly style: link

    because of the thematic similarity with horror punk it's not that uncommon to mix psychobilly style with elements typically found in horror punk and early gothic.

    example of (horror) punk / early Gothic style: link

    The result could look something like this: link


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